Build, Tune, Fix, Fly, and Learn

Join us for this amazing opportunity. Work side by side with Rotor Riot pilots helping you build, a new quad, tune a fresh build, or even troubleshoot and fix a quad that you already have. This workshop is your opportunity to hang with the Rotor Riot crew and be our special guests. Come and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity, and leave with a top quality build, an abundance of knowledge, and some valuable tricks taught by the some of the best pilots in the world.

The latest frames, motors and parts will be available for sale to build your next quad, or for replacement parts on an existing quad. Feel free to bring your own soldering iron, or purchase one when you get there.

Once your hardware, troubleshooting, and repairs are taken care of, Tommy, Drew and Kevin will demonstrate how to tune, test, and get it locked in. They'll go over proper setup methods for all types of flight controllers and even help you set up your radio.

Of course this workshop would not be complete without a massive flight session. Soak in the knowledge of these freestyle masters, and then show them what you got. It's all fun and flying, but they'll also go over things like safe flying practices, RF considerations, and trick tutorials.


Grayson Hobby
220 Old Loganville Rd SW
Lognaville, GA 30052


Saturday and Sunday
January 27th to January 28

The Instructors

Learn from the best

Schedule of Events

Day 1 (Jan 27th)

  1. Proper flight controller setup demo with Joshua Bardwell, Drew Camden, Kevin Dougherty, and Tommy Tibajia.

  2. The crew will get hands on helping participants get their quads tuned and flying great.

  3. Want us to check out your setup? We will take it for a spin and pour over your tune and setup and see if there is anything we can do to improve its performance.

  4. We want you to bring us your troubled setups. We are going to help diagnose participants issues and fix them. Don’t worry we are in good hands with Grayson Hobby so replacement parts will be readily available.

  5. There will be ample time for open ended Q&A to help you with any issues you may be having or just to take the time to teach you about something new. Maybe you are transitioning between Betaflight, Raceflight, or Kiss and want some help with a new GUI or maybe you are looking to set up LUA scripts on your radio. We are here to help.

  6. We will have simulators setup for hands on instruction. If you want to learn a new trick this will be a great opportunity to have Rotor Riot help walk you through the learning process without risking your gear.

Day 2 (Jan 28th)

  1. We are gonna go fly of course!!

  2. The day will start with a brief discussion on finding spots, group flying etiquette, and considerations about RF and where to set up in a new spot.

  3. This most important part of day two is that we all have fun hanging out and flying together.

  4. We will use Grayson Hobby as a base station and always have someone there to help with repairs or any other issues you may be having but we will also be going out in smaller groups for off site flying sessions.

  5. This will be your chance to have the guys check out your flying and maybe give you some pointers to help you take your flying to the next level.

  6. We will split participants into groups based on goals for the day, one group might be focused on trick tutorials while another may want to spend the day tuning. Flying in smaller groups will also make sure that you get plenty of opportunities to fly.
  7. In person Trick Series tutorials with hands on assistance and critique.

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Spots are limited to 30 people, so reserve quickly. Buy and build a complete quad once you get there or bring a project that you want to finish. And the best part, you can build and tune it, hands on with the Rotor Riot pilots.

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